Integration Solutions for Developers

Kimono connects applications and data to student information systems using our iPaaS (integration platform as a service). We are designing solutions for kindred developers who want to provide better integrations for their users. Stay tuned for more information!

A Comprehensive Solution

Open Standards & Tools

Our standards agnostic platform supports a growing number of industry-standard data models and protocols, such as OneRoster, LIS, SIF, APIs, and CSV. The platform utilizes the preferred integration method for each application, all in one seamless solution.


Kimono enables you to utilize custom CSV imports and exports – so you can have automatic rostering for those apps that have not adopted a data standard.

Application Integration

Kimono makes it easy to securely share student information among many software applications in a school. Our integration platform as a service (iPaaS) connects the SIS with other applications and gives you the tools to append and transform data as it moves between authorized applications.


Stay tuned for news and information.

Coming soon...


Mitch Benson, Vice President of Canvas Product & Strategy


Data and application integration is a complex problem, so we wanted a partner with deep education data expertise and a cloud-based platform that supports multiple standards and integration methods. This ensures that our customers will have a powerful solution that can grow with them.

Don Wical, Director of Technology

Barnwell SD 45, SC

By switching from our self hosted state ID system to Kimono's hosted state ID solution, we have saved time and money. We also use Kimono's G Suite Integration to keep our student accounts in Google up-to-date on a daily basis, which greatly reduces the amount of admin time the techs have to spend with Google Admin.

Leslie Zimmerschied, Data Governance Coordinator

Wyoming Department of Education

Using the Kimono integrations has enabled us to select software and apps for our districts and state that really meet the users' needs, without having to worry about whether the products will connect. We know the connections are reliable and our data is secure.

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