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A Comprehensive Solution

With the most advanced features in data integration, our adaptable, cloud-based interoperability platform gives you complete control of your information infrastructure.

Complex Integration
Made Simple

Kimono®'s adaptable, cloud-based platform is the most comprehensive education interoperability solution available.

Support for
Open Standards

The Kimono platform is standards-agnostic — supporting LDAP, OAuth, SIF, Ed-Fi, LIS, OneRoster, LTI, CSV and more.

Integrate Rosters with
Active Directory & Google

Kimono connects Active Directory, Google Apps for Education, and LDAP with your district's existing SIS, providing real-time synchronization of student and staff accounts.

Integration as a Service

The Kimono platform provides an intuitive, cloud-based experience for education data integration — enabling secure bi-directional exchange of student and staff data in real-time.

The Premium Interoperability
Solution for Canvas

Kimono enables the Canvas LMS to exchange real-time data with your district's SIS. Teachers can pass grades back to the SIS, as well as to any grade book that is connected to the Kimono platform.

Real-Time Integration

Kimono works by continuously acquiring data from your applications, then exchanging it over a Publish & Subscribe architecture, helping to improve the accuracy, accessibility, and privacy of student information.

Built With You In Mind

Kimono is built to handle your unique interoperability needs, regardless of your organization's size, data standards, or applications.


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