Kimono’s Commitment to Data Privacy

Being a worthy steward of our customers’ data is at the heart of our business, and the team at Kimono is committed to being at the forefront of creating strong industry standards for protecting student data and privacy.

We conduct annual audits to ensure we’re maintaining compliance with SOC 2 security and availability controls, and we are compliant with the European Union’s GDPR requirements. In addition to complying with these international regulations, Kimono supports the Student Data Principles, the Student Data Privacy Pledge and Project Unicorn’s Pledge.


Kimono is also an active participant in the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC), and our Chief Privacy Officer serves on the SDPC Governance Team.

Our Privacy Policy is always available on our website, and we’ve added a plain English summary to make it easier to understand and faster to consume.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, or the work we’re doing to ensure your students’ data is protected, please contact us at