OneRoster for PowerSchool

The OneRoster specification is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to integrate data with classroom applications. Hundreds of apps subscribe to OneRoster; however, some of the SIS community has been slower to adopt the spec than other kinds of education apps.

If you’re using PowerSchool or another SIS that hasn’t completely adopted the spec, we can help. Kimono allows you to utilize multiple methods of integration as well as multiple standards. For example, you can leverage the real-time benefits of SIF to extract data from PowerSchool and then roster your applications using another method, such as OneRoster. And with OneRoster, you can pull grades out of your applications and synchronize them with PowerTeacher Pro, saving your teachers time.

OneRoster API and CSV connections from Kimono include:
• McGraw Hill
• Google Classroom School Directory Sync
• Bedford, Freeman and Worth High School Publishers (Macmillan)
• Savvas Realize (formerly Pearson)

Watch Kimono's short demonstration of how grade passback works, sending assignment grades from the Canvas LMS to PowerTeacher Pro.

Reach out to us about helping you use OneRoster to take your data integrations further.

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