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Make it easy for customers to share roster, course, and grades data with your application. Kimono continuously exchanges data between the SIS and your application over a publish & subscribe architecture that supports a growing number of industry-standard data models, infrastructures, and APIs. Choose the data model and integration method that works best for your app, and connect to any SIS.

A Comprehensive Solution


OneRoster is a data standard for securely sharing roster, course, enrollment, and grades data. Kimono is a member of the OneRoster Product Steering Committee.


Kimono enables you to utilize custom CSV imports and exports – so you can have automatic rostering for those apps that have not adopted a data standard.


ILP synchronizes users, courses, enrollments, grades, and more, allowing institutions to manage the flow of data between administrative apps and the LMS.


Infinite Campus Selects Kimono as Grading Services Partner

Infinite Campus, the most trusted name in student information, is excited to announce that Kimono, an interoperability platform, is now a Grading Services Partner. This partnership integrates Infinite Campus student information system (SIS) with a connection through Kimono to Kimono-supported learning management systems (LMSs).

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Canvas Integration

The Kimono solution is the only comprehensive, real-time integration for Canvas. Not only does the Kimono integration connect Canvas to the district’s student information system (SIS) to enable real-time roster synchronization with grade pass back, it also supports the district’s optional elements, mappings, and customizations. This includes per-building configuration, course names per school, automated cross-listing of courses and sections, term management, and pre-term drops. No other solution supports a broad enough data model to enable these features.

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Mitch Benson, Vice President of Canvas Product & Strategy


Data and application integration is a complex problem, so we wanted a partner with deep education data expertise and a cloud-based platform that supports multiple standards and integration methods. This ensures that our customers will have a powerful solution that can grow with them.

7.6 Million Students

We securely move data for millions of students every day, ensuring educators and students have access to the information and applications they need.

Leslie Zimmerschied, Data Governance Coordinator

Wyoming Dept. of Education

Using the Kimono integrations has enabled us to select software and apps for our districts and state that really meet the users' needs, without having to worry about whether the products will connect. We know the connections are reliable and our data is secure.

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