Interoperability, Expertly Simplified

Kimono connects applications and data to student information systems using our iPaaS (integration platform as a service). Share data securely, with only the data elements you choose, and with only the third parties you invite. With the most advanced features in education data integration, our adaptable, cloud-based platform gives you complete control of your integrations.

A Comprehensive Solution

Open Standards & Tools

Kimono supports a growing number of industry-standard data models and protocols, such as OneRoster, LIS, SIF, APIs, and CSV, and utilizes the preferred integration method for each application.

Connect Any SIS

Because Kimono already connects with every SIS in the market, you can simply choose the data model and integration method that works best for your application and connect to all of them.

Application Integration

Kimono's integration platform as a service (iPaaS) connects the SIS with other applications and gives you the tools to append and transform data as it moves between authorized applications.


Response to COVID-19

The global coronavirus pandemic is affecting all of our lives in unprecedented ways. Kimono is committed to supporting our schools and partners and ensuring the health and safety of our employees. Read more about how we are handling this crisis.

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NEW - Directories Integration

Our new partnership with ClassLink allows customers using Kimono Directories and SIFWorks Directory Manager (SDM) to upgrade to ClassLink at a significantly reduced price, adding single sign-on for thousands of applications, while keeping familiar student information system (SIS) integration, provisioning, and rostering features.

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Our Committment to Data Privacy

Kimono is committed to being at the forefront of creating strong industry standards for protecting student data and privacy. Find out more about our work in this area.

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Kimono's Leadership in Standards

Without standards, integrating data and applications in schools is inefficient and costly. As evidence of our commitment to standards-based integrations, Kimono is a member and active participant in several standards bodies.

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Canvas Integration

The Kimono solution is the only comprehensive, real-time integration for Canvas. Not only does the Kimono integration connect Canvas to the district’s student information system (SIS) to enable real-time roster synchronization with grade pass back, it also supports the district’s optional elements, mappings, and customizations. This includes per-building configuration, course names per school, automated cross-listing of courses and sections, term management, and pre-term drops. No other solution supports a broad enough data model to enable these features.

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What’s New with OneRoster 1.1?

IMS Global recently released the v1.1 specification for OneRoster, a data standard for securely sharing roster, course, and enrollment information between systems. This upgrade to the OneRoster spec includes four primary enhancements: it enables you to synchronize grades, associate students with digital course materials, add start and end dates, and import data faster.

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Five Advantages of the Kimono iPaaS

K-12 public school districts are easily one of the most complicated organizations in the country. Districts have all the back-office systems that you would find in a large business – human resource systems, ERP systems, a CMS, etc. But districts also have systems to manage student information, libraries, transportation services, food services, and alert systems, just to name a few. And that is on top of all the classroom-based systems. Find out why an iPaaS (integrated platform as a service) makes the most sense for the complex data and application integrations facing school districts today.

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2,400 Districts

Kimono supports districts of all sizes across the country, as well as Local Education Authorities (LEAs) and schools in the United Kingdom and Middle East.

14.7 Million Students

We securely move data for millions of students every day, ensuring educators and students have access to the information and applications they need.

8 States

Several states plus Tasmania utilize Kimono solutions statewide to synchronize student IDs, securely collect and share data, and integrate applications.

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